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How To Style a Corset

how to style a corset

Many desire beautiful corsets but feel held back because they don’t know what to wear them with. While corsets are a new (to our generation) garment to wear, they are becoming more and more loved by fashionistas and creative stylists. Society is finally recognizing, once again, the great fashion statements of eras passed- and we are here to console you that it is actually quite easy to wear corsets, whether dressed up for a special occasion, or dressed down for daily wear.

Here are 3 easy ways to style a corset using basics from your own wardrobe!

Option 1: Over a Dress

You’d be surprised how many dress styles go great with a corset! So long as colors coordinate, and fabrics complement each other, a corset is a beautiful addition to your dress. Be sure to choose a dress that, when cinched tight around your waist by the corset, will not become too short in length. Some of the best options are a babydoll or A-line dresses with a free-flowing waist that is similar to a peasant chemise, or a dress with a smocked or shirred waist. You can achieve a more casual or chic look if you layer over a shirt dress, or long button down. If your corset is strapless, you have many options for layering. If it has straps, you can look for a dress that has flat shoulder tops where the straps will sit nicely over top of your sleeves. Even if there are puff sleeves, you should be able to layer a corset and be creative!

Option 2: Over a Shirt

Depending on how historical or modern you want to go, you can layer a corset over many types of blouses, tunics, camisoles, or even button down shirts and Tee shirts for a more modern/casual look. The most important feature you need to look for is a smaller underarm/sleeve size. If you’re wearing an over bust corset, deep arm holes will not always tuck right, which can cause weird sagging or tug the shirt up awkwardly. Any blouses or tees with deep/long arm holes will only work worn under shorter waist corsets while tucked loosely. Other nice features to look for are puff sleeves, crochet or wide lace camisole straps, or ruffle- such details will really add to making the look even more special.

Option 3: By Itself

Once again, corsets can be very modern or lean more historical. Some corset snobs may insist that you must wear a corset with a chemise under (a historical tunic style gown usually of light cotton), but we are 100% in favor of wearing your corset however you feel like it! Let inspiration take you in any direction, and whether you experiment with layers, or simply wear the corset by itself, you can get so many looks out of one corset. You can pair it with a pair of high waisted mom jeans, a ruffle mini skirt, a long flouncy skirt, short or long bloomers, a skort, or even a matching corset/girdle skirt!