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Wear, Care & Cleaning


*Dry Clean or Spot Clean ONLY*

When dropping off your corset to a Dry Cleaners, please ask if they have experience cleaning corsets and give them notice if there are steel bones. We recommend using a dry cleaner that has experience with bridal or formal wear which has similar structure.

To spot clean, we recommend using Clorox Pens (non-bleach!!) or Grandma’s Secret Spot Cleaner- apply small drops to affected area and gently massage the spot/stain with a Q-tip. Let sit for 10 minutes then lightly rinse with a cotton ball that’s damp with water. This works great for light sweat stains as well.

To easily remove dust/light dirt marks, simply take a piece of tape and press it firmly onto the dirt mark, then peel the tape off. Continue dabbing the tape on the dirt until it has been removed, or even try a wiping motion using the sticky side of the tape to remove the dirt/dust.

To remove smell, mist your corset with Fabric Fabreeze and let air dry by a fan. Repeat as necessary.


When spot cleaning the Blue Toile Strapless Corset, ensure to thoroughly rinse the Spot Cleaner solution with a wet cotton ball, then wipe the entire panel (seam to seam/between bones) with the damp cotton ball to ensure no water marks show after drying. If there is still a faint mark from the spot cleaner solution after drying, repeat the wet cotton ball process again.


Avoid getting your corset wet while wearing or cleaning, especially steal boned corsets due to risk of rusting.

We recommend not wearing your corset against your skin if you have applied self tanner, in order to avoid stains. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto the corset if possible, and do not spray perfume onto silk.

If you do not like your laces hanging out while wearing your corset, you may tuck them into the top, bottom, or mid section of your corset depending on how it is laced.

After wearing, allow your corset to air out and fully dry of any sweat or moisture before putting it away. Gently drape it over the back of a chair or lay flat.


We recommend keeping your corset in a garment bag, laying flat in a drawer, or hanging from a hanger.

When not wearing, keep your corset out of the sun and heat to avoid sweat stains/yellowing appearing from your body oils. Heat will set stains and make them more difficult to remove.

Do not roll up or force your corset to fold unnaturally. Keep your laces slightly loosened with the excess draped over the hanger or tied in a bow wherever you store your corset. We recommend not fully removing the laces unless you are okay with re-lacing it yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us [email protected]