Due to high influx of sales... Order processing takes 5-14 days US shipping takes approx. 4-12 days! Intl. shipping takes approx. 5-14 days Special orders take 2-3 weeks processing #ENJOUEGIRLS

Special Orders

Looking for a size that’s not currently on our chart, or one of our corsets made in white for your wedding?
Read on to learn how our special orders work!

Bridal / Elopement

For weddings/elopement orders, we can do almost any of our corset designs in white, ivory, off-white, or cream colors. Available fabrics include cotton or satin. Please specify your choice in your email, and plan to get your corset before any other outfit pieces to ensure your fabric color tones match.

Please account for up to 1 month for your custom order to be made and arrive to you. You will want to consider this and order as far in advance as possible.

*We do not accept returns/exchanges for custom orders, and are not responsible for lost, delayed, or stolen packages.

Why Special Orders for Plus Size?

We currently take special orders for any sizes not currently on our chart. The reason we cannot carry stock in extended/plus sizes yet is because we are a small, new brand, and it’s too costly to produce large quantities of stock in sizes that hardly sell. To avoid loss and being wasteful, we produce what items and sizes sell the most, and restock what products sell out.

As Enjoué grows and demand increases for other sizes, we will begin to make these sizes available in more of our designs.

But for now, we make special orders possible so that everyone is included. 🙂

How does it work?

1. To contact us for special orders, you can either email or DM us (@enjouecollectif) on Instagram.

2. You will need to provide your bust and waist measurements- be sure they are accurate, not a guess. Bra size is not the same thing as your bust circumference, so please measure yourself.

3. Choose your timing: You can either pay the usual price and wait for your custom size to be made with my other stock and arrive in my next shipment (2-3+ weeks).

Or you can opt to pay a $65 fee to have it made separately, and shipped from our manufacturer by itself so it arrives faster. This usually takes 1-2 weeks to be made and arrive to our HQ, then you can expect the usual shipping time from us to you.

Either way, you’ll receive email updates once we dispatch your order from our HQ.

4. Once I confirm your proper size and the timing you would like, and you are ready to make the order, I will add your custom size (with fee if applicable) to the product listing. Then you can make your order as usual!

We do not accept returns or exchanges for special orders due to the nature of the custom creation. If you have any concerns, we are here to ensure you get exactly what works best for you, so feel free to reach out!